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Alberta GDL Graduated Driver's Licence Program Explained
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learner's practice test
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learner's practice test
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Alberta Class 5 Basic GDL Road Test - Preparing For Your Road Test
Skill Preparation

The basic driving skills that you have required over the year will be examined; it is important to have as much driving experience that is needed for you to feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel.
At least 60 hours of quality practice driving time is recommended.

Ideally, you have had a year to practice your driving skills applying what you have learned in theory from the Basic Operator's Licence handbook and applying to it your driving.

Your goal is to establish safe driving habits as early as possible.

Learn to identify controlled and uncontrolled intersections.
Practice parking a vehicle. Include parking manoeuvres like parallel parking and uphill/downhill parking.
Be aware of speed limits at all times, and identify school/playground zones and when they are in effect.

Another popular method to prepare for your Class 5 Basic GDL road test is to enrol in driver education.
Driver education usually has both theory and one-on-one practice instruction from a qualified driver instructor.

Vehicle Preparation

It is also ideal to prepare your vehicle for your road test.

If the vehicle that you provide for your road test is deemed a hazard or unsafe, the driver examiner may cancel your road test, resulting in a forfeiture of any fees paid.

Items you should check include:
  • Working Brake Lights
  • Working Signal Lights
  • Sufficient Fuel
  • Mirrors
  • Unobstructed Windshield
  • Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Working Windshield Wipers
  • Brakes
  • Horn
  • Valid Registration
  • Valid Insurance
If you have any question about the condition of your vehicle, please contact the registry where you plan on taking your road test before booking online.

Before your road test begins, the driver examiner will perform a vehicle check to ensure that your vehicle is safe to test in. While you are in the driver's seat, the driver examiner will need your assistance in checking signal/brake lights, horn, brakes, and steering. The driver examiner will ask you to describe 2 instruments and/or controls about your vehicle.

After this check, the driver examiner will provide instructions about the road test and the route before you begin pulling out of the parking lot of the registry you are testing at.

Contact the registry to clarify any other questions or concerns you might have or ask the driver examiner before your road test begins.
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