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RC3 is is a complete solution for road test reservations in Alberta.
The system is designed specifically for Alberta; it follows all policies and procedures as regulated by Service Alberta.

RC3 creates efficiency by managing information in 3 key sectors, and is conveyed in real-time via the internet. It is one system, with three separate sets of tools for three different perspectives:

Key Features for Driver Examiners
Availability web tool
The RC3 availability web tool is the first step in broadcasting your availability - not only to the registries, but also to any driving schools you may be affiliated with and
Make changes to your availability on demand. Changes that you make are instantly updated and broadcast to everyone that you are affiliated with.
RC3 provides you, your affiliates and potential online clients with a real-time snapshot of your reservations and availability.
This information rich feature will eliminate scheduling conflicts and miscommunications, and enables back-to-back bookings, maximizing your schedule.

Online Access
By providing access to information online 24/7, RC3 enables you to manage and view your schedule in real-time.
There is no need to constantly phone the registry agents for schedule updates, and vice versa. Important student information, such as comments and special notes are conveyed in real-time.

Automatic Event Notifications
RC3 uses three methods of communication to keep you informed of events that are relevant to your schedule, in real-time.
  • Immediate and Automatic Updates:
    Changes in your schedule, such as cancellations, comments and new bookings/reservations automatically update RC3. When you log into RC3 you always have the most current, up to date scheduling information possible.
  • Email:
    RC3 uses email notification for all events that affect your schedule.
    Not only is this an easy and convenient way to be informed of schedule updates, but it is also an excellent way to track history and can be used as an electronic paper trail.
    An email address can also be provided and is included in our services if required.
  • Text Messages (SMS)
    RC3 also incorporates text messaging into the automatic event notification schema.
    RC3 transmits instant text messages to the examiner in a case where it would effect their schedule within a 24-48 hour time period.
    This enables the driver examiner to be informed of any scheduling changes that might occur.
Your Schedule
With RC3, your schedule is always online.
Your schedule is also provided in PDF format. This means that they can be printed, saved or even emailed.

The information on this schedule includes:
  • Student names and contact information
    In case the student needs to be contacted for emergencies such as snowstorms
  • Scheduled times and class
  • Timestamp
    A timestamp is the exact time and date that the schedule is generated.
    This will eliminate any confusion that may arise when a schedule for a single day is printed more than once.
    You can tell which schedule is most recent based on the timestamp.
  • Notes
    Comments entered by the registry agent clerk at the time of the booking will be provided here.
    The student does not see this comment, enabling the clerk to convey private information to the driver examiner in a private manner.
Account Statement Generation
The most popular among driver examiners, this feature enables the examiner to generate an account statement for any pay period in seconds. Traditional methods involve lengthy manual calculations; which is prone to mistakes and errors in billing.

RC3 enables driver examiners to produce an accurate PDF invoice for each registry in seconds, so that it can be emailed directly to the registry, allowing you to complete all of your invoicing in a matter of minutes.

RC3 Analytics

This real time information can aid in key decision making processes.
Compare year over year trends or track marketing campaigns with this tool.
Monthly, weekly and daily bar graphs are presented, providing driver examiners with an "at a glance" view of their scheduling history. Additionally, by hovering over any line in the chart, a summary is provided which includes class percentages and ratios for each time period.

These reports are geared towards the driver examiner, to provide accurate and easy "at a glance" information. All this information is available online 24/7.
All reports are in PDF format, allowing you to save, print and even email.

Why is training and support included?
  • Support:
    RC3 is a subscription based service. This service includes not only the tools, but also the support for their day to day use.
    RC3 support is available for the training of new and existing employees, and to answer any questions that may come up, on an ongoing basis.
    This support is unlimited.
  • Upgrades:
    RC3 is constantly being upgraded, in an effort to provide our clients with the most advanced tools that technology has to offer.
    We use feedback from driver examiners to constantly improve our tools and services.
Cost Effectiveness
  • Time:
    All aspects of RC3 are focused on time and efficiency. Features such as account statement generation save countless hours in the billing process alone.
    Instead of spending time resolving scheduling conflicts with registry staff and students, you can now focus on driver testing.
  • Automatic Notifications:
    Automatic notifications in RC3 removes key obstacles that enable you to create efficiency.
  • Miscommunication:
    With tools given to the registry, such as the scheduling tool, you can now elminiate any scheduling conflicts that may occur.
    It also gives you the opporntunity to maximize your time and book back to back examinations in a clear concise manner.
  • Worry:
    RC3 elimiates worry by incorporating all 3 methods of automatic notifications together.
    Updates to RC3 via the Internet, emails and text messaging all work in concert to provide information to you instantly as events occur.
    There is no need to worry if your schedule has changed and if the registry has contacted you or not.
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