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Obtaining your class 7 licence is the first step towards being a fully licensed driver.

In Alberta, we use a graduated licensing (GDL) program. You must be at least 14 years old, and also pass a knowledge/vision test.

This learner's licence allows you to practice driving, however you must have a person who is over 18 and has a Class 5 Advanced Alberta Drivers Licence in the front passenger seat. Read More ...

Taking your Class 5 Basic road test is the next step to becoming a fully licensed driver in Alberta.

When you're ready for your Class 5 Basic road test, you'll have held a Learner's Licence for at least one year.

You may have practiced driving for a while now or even taken some classes at a driving school. Read More ...

Passing the Class 5 Advanced road test is the third and final step to being fully licensed in Alberta.

The road test consists of more in depth driving skills and takes about an hour. Are you booking online?

Make sure you are eligible to take the Class 5 Advanced road test.
If you aren't sure, contact the registry you plan on taking the test at. This also applies to people who may have reinstatement conditions as part of a suspension. Read More ...

A Class 6 Motorcycle Licence grants the holder the right to operate motorcycles and mopeds in Alberta.

We highly recommend you take a course with a driving school that specializes in operating a motorcycle.

Read More ...

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