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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I cancel my tentative road test reservation?
    If you cancel a road test reservation, no refund will be provided. You may however be allowed to reschedule your exam for another date - for up to one year. Rescheduling online reservations is at the discretion of the registry that you have booked your test through.
    To be eligible to reschedule your road test reservation to another date or time, you must:

    • contact the registry location where you will be taking your test
    • have agreed to the registry location's road test cancellation policies at the time that you booked your test

    In the event that you reserve a road test that is to occur less than 48 hours from time that you create the reservation, no changes or rescheduling will be permissable.
    If you are not able to attend this road test, all fees will be forfeited.

    You will have agreed to this stipulation at the time you reserved your road test.

  • I lost my email confirmation, or I did not receive one. How do I get another one?
    If you did not receive your email confirmation, it may have gone into your junk mail.
    Be sure to add to your email safe list and be sure to check your junk mail folder. If you cannot find your email confirmation, contact us.

  • Why isn't my local registry available on your site? publishes availability for driver examiners that choose to list with us.
    If you do not see your registry listed, it means that they have not yet listed with us, or are still in the process of getting themselves published.

    If you decide to take a road test from a Registry Agent that is not published on, you may have to visit your chosen registry twice.
    Once to reserve and pay, and once to take your road test.

  • What payment methods to you accept?
    We currently accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. All transactions are secured by Comodo SSL Encryption.

  • Where do the funds get transferred?
    All funds paid through are transferred directly to the Registry Agent where your road test will take place.

  • There's a snowstorm. Can I cancel my road test and re-schedule it for later?
    Only the individual driver examiner can make the final decision of cancelling your road test.
    In order for you to re-schedule your road test you must give at least 24-48 hours notice to the registry location where you are taking your road test (depending on the location, and their individual testing policies).

    The contact information you provided when you booked your road test online will be used to contact you if there is a cancellation due to weather conditions.
    If your road test is cancelled due to winter road conditions, you will be allowed to re-schedule your road test at no charge. If you have an urgent concern, please contact the registry location where you booked your road test at. This information can be found on your email confirmation.

  • Do you provide rental vehicles for road tests?
    Yes. Plan ahead and be sure to locate an appointment that offers a rental vehicle as not all registry locations provide rental vehicles for your road test. The price of the rental vehicle will vary and depends on the type of road test as well as registry location. If you have any questions, contact the registry location where you plan on taking your road test. 

  • Why didn't I get a confirmation email?
    Only users that complete the payment process will receive a confirmation email.
    This email will confirm your road test reservation.
    Upon payment, you will also receive an emailed receipt from

    Check all your email folders including your junk folder. Your email provider may have mistaken your confirmation email as spam or junk mail.
    If you need to confirm your reservation, contact the registry where your road test is scheduled.

  • What is graduated licensing?
    Graduated licensing is the name of the 3 stage licensing program in place in Alberta. For a brief description of the steps, visit our GDL Process Explained section.

Driver Examiners
  • How do I get listed on
    If you would like to publish your availability with, you will need to partner with your Alberta Registry Agent, and be a subscriber to RC3.
    What is RC3?

Alberta Registry Agents
  • How do I get listed on
    If you would like to publish your availability with, you will need to partner with your driver examiners, and be a subscriber to RC3.
    What is RC3?

Driving Schools
  • How do I advertise on
    To advertise your school and be featured on our site, please contact us at:

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