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RC3 is is a complete solution for road test reservations in Alberta.
The system is designed specifically for Alberta; it follows all policies and procedures as regulated by Service Alberta.

RC3 creates efficiency by managing information in 3 key sectors, and is conveyed in real-time via the internet. It is one system, with three separate sets of tools for three different perspectives:

Road test reservation system for Alberta Registry Agents
Scheduling Tool - no more scheduling conflicts
A web-based reservation scheduling tool created for the Alberta Registry Agent, RC3 is the most efficient, and user friendly way to reserve a road test in Alberta. We constantly use feedback from our users to make the reservation process as streamlined as possible.

RC3 makes it easy to manage availability and road test reservations for multiple driver examiners and companies.
At a glance, you can find out what is available and what is already booked. This helps to maximize your reservations by allowing back-to-back bookings, without the risk of scheduling conflicts.

Automatic Event Notifications
From a driver examiner's perspective, road test reservations have three primary events that occur frequently. This makes it extremely difficult to track, manage and convey information to everyone involved, if you are using a paper or spreadsheet based scheduling system.
There are simply too many events, and too many parties involved to convey this information efficiently.

RC3 alleviates all of these issues with Automatic Event Notifications.
  • New Reservations, Cancellations, & Comments
    When a new road test reservation is booked, RC3 is updated immediately so that whoever logs in always has the most current information available.
    An email confirmation is also sent to the driver examiner, as well as the student (optional).

    Additionally, an SMS text message can be sent to the student as a reminder, 2 hours prior to their scheduled road exam.
    Another SMS text message is sent to the examiner if the new reservation affects his or her schedule within 24-48 hours, instantly notifying them of the change to their upcoming schedule.

    Registry Agent staff can convey additional remarks in regards to the reservation or the student, which will be emailed to the examiner privately.
    This information is also printed on the examiner's schedule, but will not be transmitted to the student at any time.
The result of these Automatic Event Notifications is the time and efficiency gained by not having to contact the driver examiner for any of the above mentioned events.

Services for the student
To streamline the booking process, we've also included services for the student:
  • Email:
    At the time of booking, a reservation confirmation email can be sent to the student, which includes your Registry's office policies and any special instructions you wish to convey to the student.
  • Text Messages (SMS)
    RC3 transmits an SMS text message to the student 2 hours prior to their scheduled road test reservation as a reminder.
    This is designed to reduce the number of no-shows and is a service that we provide at no additional charge.
PDF Office Policies & Procedures
Another advantage of RC3 is the streamlining of the reservation process even further, by providing your office's road test policies in PDF format.

Your office policies will be preset with information such as the scheduled road test date and time, as well as the student name and the class they are taking, saving your staff the time required to fill in redundant information manually.

This PDF is generated at the time of the new reservation and is immediately available to be printed, emailed, saved or recalled at any time.
This is also offered at no additional cost and is designed to streamline your reservation process.

RC3 Analytics/Reports
At a glance decision making information is provided as a real-time statistical analysis of the volume of reservations in all classes.
This can be filtered by class or examiner, and in various timeframes such as weekly, monthly or even yearly, enabling year over year comparisons.
This tool is extremely useful in tracking marketing campaigns by providing a visual representation of reservation volume.

Included in RC3 is also a number of reports.

These reports include detailed and summarized versions of road test reservation activity, affiliate reports, cancellations, etc. Because these reports are in PDF format, they can also be printed, emailed, saved and/or recalled at a later date. Customized reports are also available at no additional charge.

RC3 is a service that includes not only the tools, but also the support and training for their use.
We are here to resolve all user issues and answer any questions that may arise.

RC3 is continually improved upon and updated, in an effort to provide Registry Agents with the most advanced tools that can be offered.
We use feedback from our users to assist with this development, to ensure value for our clients who can know that they are subscribing to the most cutting edge advanced technologies available.

This support is unlimited.

Connect with Driving Schools
Driving schools and affiliates can also have access to RC3. Based on a two-part system, driving schools and affiliates can book a tentative reservation, and have direct online access to real-time driver examiner availability.
The reservation is then completed by the student when they arrive at the registry office to purchase their permit, pay for their exam, and agree to your road exam policies and procedures.

By providing an easy and convenient way for an affiliate to book reservations, an edge is created for your registry simply because it is faster and easier to manage and create reservations than the conventional telephone-tag/binder approach.

As a result, your registry will experience an increase in volume and other services sold.
Neither the student nor the school have to contact your registry, because the driving schools have direct access to the examiner's availability.

Why List with
  • Untapped Market: helps you to target a new online market in Alberta that has never before been reached.
    Students can now reserve and pay for their road tests online.
  • Publish Availability Online:
    When a driver examiner publishes their availability online with your registry, business is driven to your registry office; not only for the test permit, but also for other services you may have to offer. This provides new opportunities to increase volume for other services that you provide.
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